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Image Consulting & Fashion Styling Service Packages

I am Amy McNish, President | CEO & Lead Fashion Consultant at A.M. Image Consulting & Fashion Styling Boutique. Along with being the Owner of the Online Green & Gorgeous Boutique, and the Editor-in-Chief, of the Live In Color Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine.

We specialize in:
Fashion Analysis
•Personal Shopping
•Wardrobe Organization
•Wardrobe Planning
Offering Image Consulting Services to men and women.

As an Image Consultant, my mission is to help men and women succeed in their personal and professional goals by improving the way they are perceived by others. “My founding principle ensures that my client's outward appearance conveys an image that is aligned with their core values and the goals they want to achieve”…
‘Image’ is the way other people see us. It influences whether people will agree to our requests, hire us, and pay us the salary we want. 

I can give you advice that will help you achieve what you want; whether it is to get a new job, to make a good impression or simply to feel good about yourself. To help you look better, I offer the following services such as: 

1.) Image Analysis or Makeover Consulting (giving a client feedback on the overall image they are projecting and help them develop a new image). 

2.) Fashion Styling or Wardrobe Consulting (reviewing a client's current wardrobe to determine what should be discarded or purchased, coordinating outfits, and closet organizing) 

3.) Makeup Analysis (I, can also consult on other specific aspects of physical appearance such as: colors, skin care, hairstyle, etc.). 

My mission is to empower you to discover and achieve a look that brings you joy, personal satisfaction and supports your success!...

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