Green & Gorgeous Home Décor Collection

New Home Decor Collection Flyer

Introducing the New Green & Gorgeous Home Décor Collection

Throw pillows are designed to play two roles. First, they add an extra layer of comfort to your furniture. In addition to this, throw pillows can also be used as beautiful accents on furniture. The pillows are placed on the couch, the floor, the bed, or even hanged on walls. But if you want something classy and opulent, choosing greenery throw pillows will work. Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. As well as having a strong emotional correspondence with the feeling of have safety. Which in turn makes it one of the most effective accent colors you can have. Whether you are looking for a throw pillow for your couch, walls, or even your sheet covered bed, green will have a way of delivering the perfect accents.

"I feel that interiors, much like the beauty market, are trending towards clean, yet bold in colors and luxe; tropical nature patterns, textures, and modern shapes, 'trying but not trying to hard' sort of a rich-bohemian vibe." ~ Amy McNish, CEO & Founder

Our Collection of Tropical Green Palm Leaves Pillowcases are for the unique fashion personality design and personality collocation, to create your own life. Decorate your house personality room home, and to create a wanton relaxed comfort zone.

Here is a few details about our New Pillow Collection: